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Advocate Abhinav Nanda

Advocate Abhinav Nanda is a multi-talented personality who can absorb any type of legal issues and provides whole gamut of legal services to domestic and international clients including multinational and corporate sectors.

Our Approach

The right decisions require innovative legal thinking and hard work. We think strategically about all aspects of the legal issues, and discuss the case with clients and others in the firm without wasting time.

Our Style of Advocacy

  • We listen and evaluate information objectively.
  • To effectively and credibly advocate others, We must exercise independent judgment.
  • We are determined and secure enough in our position to weather storms, deal with setbacks, and maintain energy over time.
  • As an advocate we are polite, but firm.We have good working relationship with our clients.
  • We respect the privacy and confidentiality of others, and respect the basic rules of ethical conduct, to be effective and to maintain credibility.

Why People like us?

We assist clients navigate complex legal issues and guide them best through the legal system towards resolve disputes.

Success is our passion.
We provide a buffete of services, where client could pick any services that suits ones needs.
We ensure for competitive and reasonable fees.

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Please call us at Mob : 9041090459

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Advocate Abhinav Nanda
414, Fourth Floor
Hamilton Courts Building,
Opp. New District Courts
Phone: 181-5001399
Mob : 90410-90459, 9153990000
Email: info@advocateabhinavnanda.com

Telephone Phone: 181-5001399 Mob : 90410-90459, 9153990000
Email: info@advocateabhinavnanda.com