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Advocate Abhinav Nanda

Advocate Abhinav Nanda is an autonomous, confident,multi-talented personality.He is a great team-leader blessed with ample analytical understading to deal with tasks methodically to achieve effective solutions and exceptional business performances. Keen to take on responsibility, has an analytical approach to problem solving and is always seeking to strive for self-improvement.
A bright,talented and ambitious lawyer who possessed a vast wealth knowledge and has a proven record of providing indispensable advice to clients and delivering positive outcomes for them. A quick learner who can instantly absorb any legal issues, and can communicate clearly and effectively with both legal professionals and members of public.
Constantly focused on resolving legal issues and always ready for ways to improve and evolve processes.

Some of Our Skill

Criminal Law

Civil Law

Real Estate


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Advocate Abhinav Nanda
414, Fourth Floor
Hamilton Courts Building,
Opp. New District Courts
Phone: 181-5001399
Mob : 90410-90459
Email: info@advocateabhinavnanda.com

Telephone Phone: 181-5001399 Mob : 90410-90459
Email: info@advocateabhinavnanda.com